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Have you been bullied or harassed at work? Don’t take it lying down and fight back with an application to prevent bullying.

At Fair Work Claims we will support and represent you when your boss has failed to stop bullying at your work.

Fair Work Claims is a specialist firm in helping you get on with your job and not be the target of a nasty bully.

If your employer does not follow their own rules or create a safe work place then Fair Work Claims can help!

Call us now, even if after hours on 1300 853 837 or use the form below for a quick call back.

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Bullying is when someone tries to intimidate, isolate, or stand over you in the workplace. And we believe it is a scourge on the workplace which is highly distressing for those on the receiving end. We have an empathetic response with a focus on resolution to help those that are being bullied to communicate their concerns in a safe space and to bring change to the workplace. If, however, your employer doesn’t take it seriously we WILL then seek the assistance of the Fair Work Commission and we will be with YOU every step of the way.

You have a right to come to work and be able to do your job and the business has a responsibility to protect you. Our efficient process and systems, and by engaging in respectful communication, are here to try and ‘take the heat out’ is always a first step however if it does go to litigation we will stand right by your side and we will fight and fight to ensure that your bully is ‘put back in their box’.

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