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Everyone has the right to a workplace that is free from sexual harassment and discrimination.

Fair Work Claims are experts in representing people who have experienced discrimination or sexual harassment.

What is sexual harassment

Sexual harassment is any unwanted behaviour that is sexual in nature that is intended to intimidate embarrass or humiliate.

It can include touching, comments, posters, text messages, social media posts, and repeated requests for dates or sex.

It can happen in the office or work site, or anywhere that is work related, including conferences and social events at function centres, hotels, nightclubs, and even in taxis.

What is discrimination

Discrimination happens when someone is treated less favourably than someone else because of an attribute.

Attributes are things like race, skin colour, ethnic background, sex, gender, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, political and union activity.

How we can help

Fair Work Claims are experts at supporting and representing people who have been subjected to sexual harassment or discrimination.

We can take immediate action to stop the conduct, and then can represent victims in the appropriate courts or commissions to achieve justice, whether that be an apology or compensation or both.

Please contact our team today to discuss your options on 1300 853 837.

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