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Don’t Trust Your HR Department | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Workers beware! – A company’s HR Department is there to protect the company – not you.

Judge Bans Breastfeeding Mother From Courtroom | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Judge Mark Gamble from Victoria’s County Court has faced harsh criticism for banning a breastfeeding mother from his courtroom – arguing it would distract the jury.

Barber Shop Refuses To Serve Woman With Guide Dog | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – A Sydney barber shop is under investigation after it refused to serve a vision impaired woman with a guide dog.

TV Reporter Racially Profiled by NSW Police | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – ABC reporter Nabil Al Nashar claims he was racially profiled by a NSW Police officer while he was reporting on a murder.

Qantas Pilot Sues For Discrimination & Harassment | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Qantas pilot Davida Forshaw is suing the airline for sex discrimination and sexual harassment that she says she was subjected to during her 24-year career.

TV weatherman sacked over leaked webcam pics | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – NY1 News sacked weatherman Erick Adame after nude pictures of him on a private webcam sex chat were sent to the news station and to his mother.

Racist Trolls Lose It Over ‘The Little Mermaid’ | Supportah TV

Supportah TV – Racist trolls lose it over the new trailer for the upcoming Disney live action remake of ‘The Little Mermaid’.

The Liberal’s 30 Years War Against Workers & Unions | Supportah TV

Sally McManus, Secretary of the Australian Council of Trade Unions, reveals the Liberal Party’s strategic 30 Years’ War against workers rights and the union movement.

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