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Tattooed Teacher Fired For Scaring Kids | STV News

STV News – Sylvain Helaine, known as the world’s scariest teacher because of his tattoos, has been banned from teaching students under the age of six.

Rockhampton COVID-19 Nurse Cleared Of Wrongdoing | STV News

STV News – The Rockhampton nurse who continued to work in an aged care home while infected with COIVD-19 has been cleared of wrongdoing.

Susan Ryan – Women’s Rights Champion Dies | STV News

STV News – Susan Ryan, a trailblazing campaigner for women’s rights and the rights of all human beings, died this week after a short illness.

JobKeeper Slashed – How Much Will You Lose? | STV News

STV News – The JobKeeper payment has been slashed today – find out how much you will lose.

Ellen’s Apology Slammed! | STV News

STV News – Comedian Ellen DeGeneres has apologised for the toxic workplace that existed behind the scenes of her long-running talk show, however, former staff are not impressed.

Can I Be Refused A Job Because Of My Tattoos? | STV Explainer

STV Explainer – Can a prospective employer refuse to hire someone because of their tattoos, piercings or hairstyle?

University Vice-Chancellor GROPED STAFF! | STV News

STV News – Former University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor Peter Rathjen has resigned after an investigation found he sexually harassed two staff members during a university function last year.

Is This Joke About The Christchurch Massacre Racist? | STV News

STV News – Australian comedian Isaac Butterfield finds himself in hot water after telling a joke about the Christchurch Massacre.

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