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How Sussan Underpays Staff | News

WATCH to see how fashion retail chain Sussan underpays their staff, by directing them to start 15 minutes before their rostered shift to set up the store.  Affected workers could be owed thousands of dollars in unpaid wages.

How A Hospital Security Guard Won His Unfair Dismissal Claim | News

WATCH the CCTV footage of an incident that led to a hospital security guard being sacked.  Michael Scott filed a claim for unfair dismissal after he was fired over the way he restrained a drunk mentally ill patient.

Uber Eats Drivers Punished For Using Rival App | News

Australian Uber Eats drivers say they are being punished for using rival apps like Didi.  They claim that since the company introduced a new algorithm, their earnings have been slashed by 50 per cent, with bicycle and scooter riders offered delivery jobs before them.


Wage Theft – How Does It Happen In Australia? | Explainer

Wage theft is the systematic underpayment of a worker’s wages and entitlements.  WATCH to find out how it happens, what your rights are, and how you can go about recovering stolen wages.

Employers Who Steal Wages Face Criminal Charges | News

The federal government has released a discussion paper proposing criminal penalties for employers who deliberately or recklessly underpay their staff.

Worker Sacked For Posting Hitler Parody Video | News

WATCH why a BP technician lost his unfair dismissal claim after being sacked for posting a Hitler ‘Downfall’ parody video to Facebook and later showing it to work colleagues on a work computer.  The Australian Workers’ Union has appealed the decision, describing the decision to sack the worker as “ludicrous”.

Queensland Health Sues Nurse For Overpayment | News

Queensland Health is suing former intensive care nurse Kay Boisen for $40,000 in long service leave it says she was not entitled to take.  WATCH how she plans to fight the legal action.

What Are My Workplace Rights If I Have Endometriosis?

WATCH these three You Tube vloggers share their experiences living and working with severe endometriosis, and find out what your workplace rights are if you are affected by the condition.

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