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Making A WorkCover Claim | Explainer

Making a WorkCover claim can be complicated and if not managed correctly could result in you having your claim rejected.  Leading industrial advocate Miles Heffernan has some important tips and advice for workers about how to make a WorkCover claim in Australia, whether it is for a physical injury or a psychological injury that happened at work.

Sleazy McGrath Real Estate Agent Sacked | News

Hot shot McGrath Real Estate agent Adrian Bo was recently sacked over sexual harassment allegations.  A number of women have since come forward alleging Bo had a long history of sexual harassment at the company, with one newspaper report also alleging that boss John McGrath knew about the problem, and encouraged one victim not to make a formal complaint.

Nicole Kidman’s Sexual Harassment ‘Bombshell’ | News

Nicole Kidman and Margot Robbie star in the new powerful film BOMBSHELL – about the sexual harassment scandal that was exposed at Fox News in 2016.  Kidman plays Gretchen Carlson who successfully sued Fox News for $20 million.  More than two dozen women would subsequently come forward with similar complaints and force Fox News Chairman and founder Roger Ailes to resign.  Robbie plays a fictional young producer Kayla Pospisil, who is desperate to be a Fox News star.  Charliez Theron plays Megyn Kelly who was also sexually harassed by Ailes.

Should Our Volunteer Firefighters Be Paid? | News

Prime Minister Scott Morrison’s response to the current national bushfire emergency has been woeful.  After refusing for weeks to compensate volunteer firefighters who have left their regular jobs to help out, he eventually changed his mind this week, claiming it was his initiative and that he had been working on it “for some time”.

How Grill’d Rips Off Its Workers | News

Workers at Australian burger chain Grill’d say they are the victims of systemic wage theft by being put on taxpayer subsidised traineeships.  Staff claim the traineeships are a scam – and are used by Grill’d to suppress wages because they legally allow the company to pay below award minimums.

Australian Woman Jailed For Lying On CV | News

Former South Australian bureaucrat Veronica Theriault was jailed for two years after getting caught lying on her Curriculum Vitae to land a top government job.  Lying on your CV and using fake CVs and fake resumes with fake credentials might land you that dream job, but leading industrial advocate Miles Heffernan warns that it could cost you in the long run if you are caught.

Sexual Harassment – Know Your Rights | Explainer

In Australia, 39 per cent of women and 26 per cent of men report experiencing workplace sexual harassment in the past five years.  Leading industrial advocate Miles Heffernan explains what constitutes sexual harassment and what you can do about it.

How Much Money Did Israel Folau Really Get? | News

Sacked footballer Israel Folau is a greedy, dishonest, ignorant hypocrite. WATCH to find out how much money he was really paid by Rugby Australia as industrial advocate Miles Heffernan explains the unlawful termination case and what it means for the Australian government’s proposed Religious Discrimination Bill.  Equality campaigner Julian Evans also has an important message for young gay Australians in the wake of the Folau fiasco.

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