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Unjustly Sacked? Who to Go to for Advice, Help and Fair Work Commission Contact in Australia

Do you believe you have been the victim of unfair dismissal in the workplace? If so, Fair Work Claims might be able to help. Since 2001, we have been serving Australia as a hub for fair work advice and assistance. In 2014, we reorganised …read more.

Where to Find Affordable and Dependable Fair Work Law Advicein Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane

Being the victim of a serious workplace injustice can be one of the darkest hours of life for many people. Whether you are sacked without warning or merit, bullied by co-workers and superiors until you have to resign or you’re cheated …read more.

What You Need to Know About Pursuing Unfair Dismissal Remedy in Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth or Sydney

Are you interested in pursuing an unfair dismissal remedy in Perth, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide or Sydney? Per the Fair Work Commission, an unfair dismissal is a situation where an employee is dismissed in a ‘harsh, unjust or unreasonable …read more.

A Summary of Unfair Dismissal Claims in QLD, NSW, SA, VIC and WA

Have you recently been sacked from a job that you held for longer than a year? Did you feel blindsided by the decision, or feel that your boss was dismissing you for no valid reason? Were you denied wages that you earned in your final …read more.

Have You Been Sacked? Fight Unfair Dismissal Claims in NSW, QLD, and the Rest of Australia

You showed up for work one day, and your boss promptly fired you. You were not exactly sure why and the manager really did not produce any good reasons. Still, you were ushered out of the building feeling as if you had been robbed of your …read more.

Fair Work Claims Handles Constructive Dismissal Cases in NSW, QLD, WA, and Throughout Australia

It happens more than anyone thinks. Workplace bullying is real, and it can lead to a mountain of problems for an employee. Workers who are threatened by superiors often feel as if they have nowhere to go. They need their job, but …read more.

Feel as if You Cannot Fight Wrongful Termination in Australia? Fair Work Claims Will Aggressively Fight Your Unlawful Dismissal in Queensland

After five years on the job, you moved up the ladder into a position of management. You did not really care for your boss, but you still enjoyed working for your employer. You enjoyed it right up until the moment when your boss walked …read more.

Having Difficulty with Your Employer? Fair Work Claims Is Your Industrial Relation Consultants in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth

You have been reporting to a factory job for the past two years. It might not be the greatest job, but you have had no problems, until recently. Your employer is now accusing you of theft. There is no evidence of any theft, but your boss …read more.

Coping with the Fallout of Industrial Disputes On the Job? Fair Work Claims Assists You with Employee and Workplace Dispute Resolution in Australia

When you go to work for any employer, whether in service or heavy industry, you are entering into a contract. On one side, you, the employee, agree to provide your labour to the employer under a set of guiding rules in exchange …read more.

No One Should Have to Endure Workplace Bullying in Australia! Fair Work Claims Will Fight for Your Rights in NSW, QLD, VIC, and WA

As children, many of us learned important lessons about how to deal with the playground bully. Coping with someone attacking your character, personality, or appearance isn’t always easy. However, there are many options for resolving the …read more.

Have You Suffered Under Unfair Treatment or Poor Conditions and Practices at Work in Australia? Let Fair Work Claims Advocate for You

Working for a living is more than just something you do to survive — it could be your pride and passion. Whether working on an assembly line, in the service industry, or any other kind of job, a safe working environment and a level …read more.

Rebuild Your Life, with the Help of Employee Rights Advocates from Fair Work Claims

Poor treatment at work can ruin your life, or at very least, make it extremely difficult. Unfair dismissals can leave you unemployed with no warning, struggling to find a job with a new black mark on your record. Unpaid wages can leave you …read more.

When You Need Help with a Claim for Recovering Unpaid Wages, Fair Work Claims Stands Up For You

Every day, you show up to work ready to put in a 100-percent effort. After all, you’re being compensated for your labour with wages — so why not try to do the best job possible? It doesn’t matter if your job is serving patrons in a …read more.

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