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Client Testimonials

Recently, I had the need to engage the services of Miles Heffernan, Director of

Employee Litigation at Fair Work Claims to provide advice and represent me in an

Unfair Dismissal Claim.


Having had no prior dealings with legal matters or court proceedings, my partner and

I were extremely stressed, lacked confidence and were quite intimidated at the

thought of fighting for my rights against my employer, a large National Security

Company. From our first meeting with Miles, where he listened to us and gathered the

basics of my situation/ordeal, he instilled in me/us a belief that I was important, my

case was important and my professional future was something worth safeguarding.


I didn't know much about how I could challenge a new boss coming in and treating me like dirt after years of service. If you are in the same situation, just get these guys, sooner the better. (Mining Industry, white collar client)

I was really nervous when I decided to fight back on my unfair dismissal, but felt at ease as soon as I met with Miles. From the moment he worked on my file he had my former boss on the run. I was very happy with my outcome and the pricing was very affordable.


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