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After five years on the job, you moved up the ladder into a position of management. You did not really care for your boss, but you still enjoyed working for your employer. You enjoyed it right up until the moment when your boss walked in and sacked you for overzealously spending company funds. You are outright angry since it was your job as a purchasing manager to spend the company’s money. It’s a classic case of unlawful dismissal at your QLD employer, and it is also where Fair Work Claims can step in, represent you, and assist. When you feel as if you have been wrongfully terminated, our team of dedicated, experienced associates will fight to get you the results you deserve.

Classic Cases of Wrongful Termination in Australia

A senior management executive who happens to be female is one of the company’s best employees. Her track record of success over her 15 years with the company speaks for itself. At this point in her career, she felt she was in a good position to begin a family. She became pregnant, and quickly things changed around the office. Other senior executives and even her boss made disparaging comments about pregnant women in the workplace. The employee began to feel the pressure. It seemed like her every move was being scrutinised. Then without any notice, she was terminated.

At Fair Work Claims, we have dealt with similar situations and understand the emotions, the pain, and the frustrations that arise from dealing with a wrongful termination. Employees who have been dismissed unfairly often feel as if they have nowhere to turn. They are afraid to take on their employee in any form of legal battle. That is why employees in these types of situations need to call us at Fair Work Claims. We can offer quality representation and an advocate that will fight to get your situation resolved as quickly as possible.

Why Choose Fair Work Claims for Representation

As employees, we all have certain rights and obligations in the workplace. When your employer infringes upon those rights, you may feel as if there is nothing you can do. In a case of unlawful dismissal in Queensland for example, many employees would feel helpless and not seek justice. At Fair Work Claims, we remove the pressure from our clients so they can relax. We have a team full of highly skilled and competent advocates who understand employment law. They will fight using some of the most innovative methods available to win clients the results that they deserve.

In addition to cases involving unlawful dismissal in Australia, Fair Work Claims handles a variety of other matters. We are a high volume practice servicing Queensland as well as the rest of Australia. Employees who were not paid for hours worked, those needing a dispute resolved, and those being bullied or harassed are those who should consider seeking the advice of Fair Work Claims, a leader in fighting for employees’ rights in the workplace. For more information, you can call 1300 853 837, or you can click the Enquire Now button on our website and fill out the attached form.

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