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Working for a living is more than just something you do to survive — it could be your pride and passion. Whether working on an assembly line, in the service industry, or any other kind of job, a safe working environment and a level playing field are not luxuries; they are necessities. Avoiding injury should always be of paramount concern, for both employees and employers. Unfortunately, that is not always the reality. The same goes for fair and proper treatment of staff.

Are you labouring under unfair work conditions in Australia? Speaking out and saying something is scary and stressful. When dealing with unfair work practices, it can sometimes feel like you hold no bargaining power in the situation. The prospect of navigating the minefield of litigation on your own may even discourage you from trying to effect change. With Fair Work Claims, you don’t need to be scared or stressed — we are here to help carry the load.

Our goal is simple: teach your employers a lesson they’ll never forget! We are outcome-focused and aggressive when it comes to pursuing your employers for a change in working conditions and/or compensation. With a team dedicated and passionate about helping employees, you can make your claim without fear.

Helping you and stamping out unfair work practices in Australia

Suffering unfair treatment at work in Australia is not just something you must simply let happen for fear of losing your job. Although speaking out should be easy, we understand it is often fraught with the anxiety that comes from worrying about your future should you do so. Unfair treatment can take many different forms, and it is important to avoid being exploited by your employer. Do other staff members always have their leave requests approved, while yours are denied no matter the reason? Are you being denied benefits afforded to others? These practices are not fair and deserve corrective action.

You may also be suffering unfair work conditions. If the environment you are expected to work in makes it difficult to properly accomplish your tasks, it may be unfair. No one should work under conditions where they feel targeted for harassment by their boss. Fair Work Claims will not stand idly by while your workplace rights are infringed upon. Instead, we will do everything in our power to rectify the situation or earn a judgement in your favour.

Phone us today for the support you need

No matter the field you work in, you are owed a safe environment and a level playing field in which to perform your job’s duties. If your employer is engaging in unfair work practices in Australia, don’t be afraid of standing up to say something — because we will say it for you. From your first call to one of our advocates to the end of the road, Fair Work Claims stands beside you and pledges to aggressively pursue an appropriate redress to your grievances. For more information about how we can help you fight unfair work practices, phone us straight away on 1300 853 837, or use the form here on our website to contact us via email.

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