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Clothing Retailer Sussan Accused Of Making Staff Work Without Pay

Clothing retailer Sussan accused of making staff work without pay

Clothing retailer Sussan is accused of ordering staff to start work 15-minutes before their rostered shift without pay.

A number of staff allege managers direct them to start early to ensure stores are up-and-running by their scheduled opening time.

Clothing retailer Sussan accused of wage theft

Miles Heffernan, Litigation Director at Fair Work Claims, says employers cannot direct staff to work without pay.

“Employers who direct staff to start early have a legal obligation to pay them for that time,” he said.

“An employer cannot order a worker to start 15-minutes early and then not pay them for it.”




Workers owed thousands

Mr Heffernan said workers could be missing out on thousands of dollars in unpaid wages.

“15-minutes a day can add up quickly,” he said. 

“A long-term employee can be owed anywhere from $10,000 to $20,000 over six years, according to our calculations.”

As a result, Fair Work Claims wants other Sussan workers to come forward.

Mr Heffernan described the early starts as a sneaky way for employers to steal wages from their workers.

“We wan to help Sussan workers get to the bottom of any wage theft claims they may have,” Mr Heffernan said. 

Naomi Milgrom is the owner and CEO of the Sussan Group, and, as a result, is one of Australia’s richest women. 

In Addition to Sussan, the company owns Sportsgirl, Sussan and Suzanne Grae brands and operates 500 stores in Australia.


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