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Have you been given a written warning? Just because you’ve receive it doesn’t mean it is a fair warning.

At Fair Work Claims we will support and represent you when you have received an unfair written warning, or other unfair punishment.

Fair Work Claims is a specialist firm in getting people’s employment records to match their performance – we believe in fighting to remove unfair written warnings from employment records. We WILL use a workplace’s policies against them.

If your employer does not follow their own rules we will use their own rules against them to ensure YOU get justice.

Call us now, even if after hours on 1300 853 837 or use the form below for a quick call back.

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What is Dispute Resolution?ACCESS-TO-JUSTICE-STAMP

We want to see your dispute with your boss resolved without any hassle on your part.

We will fight a written warning – just because the boss thinks they can warn you doesn’t mean it is as easy as that. Our job is to fight back and make sure the boss is only leaving fair warnings on your file and if they try to rely on them later we will let the Fair Work Commission know how unfair this is. Some employers use written warnings as a conveyor belt to termination, and we will turn that conveyor belt off whenever we can!

Depending on the relevant modern award, EBA (Enterprise Bargaining Agreements) or your contract we even may be able to take a dispute or individual written warning all the way through to the Fair Work Commission or to another body such as the Human Rights Commission.

Call us now regarding Dispute Resolution on 1300 853 837 or enquire here.

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