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What is Dispute Resolution?

Disputes can arise at any workplace.

A dispute exists when one or more people disagree about something and that matter remains unresolved.

A fair dispute resolution process is important for the effective operation of any business.

Effective dispute resolution can help employers maintain good relationships with their employees by dealing with workplace issues at an early stage.

Employees will likely be more productive if they know that their grievances will be taken seriously by the employer.

How we can help

Our team at Fair Work Claims are experts in dispute resolution and can act as an independent party to assist in resolving the dispute if it cannot be resolved at the workplace.

We place a focus on effective resolution at the workplace level, with the aim of avoiding costly arbitration in the Fair Work Commission, or through litigation in the Federal Court of Australia.

If you are an employer or an employee caught in a workplace dispute, Fair Work Claims can help by identifying the issues involved and negotiating a mutually agreeable resolution while respecting everyone’s legal rights and obligations.

To discuss your options, please call our team on 1300 853 837.

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