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Politician Admits To Inappropriate Behaviour At Christmas Party

Politician admits to inappropriate behaviour at Christmas party

A South Australian Liberal MP has apologised for his inappropriate behaviour at a Parliament House Christmas party. 

A female crossbench MP was the target of the inappropriate conduct.

As a result, Sam Duluk resigned his position as head of the Economic and Finance Committee.

Politician admits to slapping incident

SA Best MP Connie Bonaros released a statement alleging that she had been a “victim of inappropriate incidents at a Christmas function”.

Additionally, she confirmed the person responsible “was another Member of Parliament” and it involved a slap.

Bonaros said she had not intended to make any public comments about the matter, but did so after multiple requests from the media:

“I had not intended to discuss this matter openly at this stage but because it has now been made public feel I must respond.

“I have been taking legal advice in relation to the matter and as a result, will consider my options.

“All women should feel safe in their worksite.

“All men should understand that their harassing conduct can have a terrible impact on how safe women feel at work.

“I was not the only woman who was the recipient of improper conduct that night.

“I am however hopeful this matter will be dealt with appropriately.

“Because of our desire for privacy and the fact that I reported the matter I feel it’s inappropriate for me to comment further.”

Connie Bonaros from SA Best.

MP apologises on social media

As a result of being outed as the person responsible for the incident, Duluk took to social media to apologise:

“I wish to publicly apologise to Ms Bonaros and anyone else who was offended by my actions at a Parliament House Christmas party.

“I’m deeply sorry for any actions that have caused offence.

“I have apologised to Ms Bonaros.

“I have spoken to the Premier and have advised him that out of respect for the Parliament, its staff and my colleagues, I will be tendering my resignation as presiding member of the Economic and Finance Committee.”

Committee chairs receive extra pay above an MP’s base salary.

Christmas parties can be perilous for workers

Leading industrial advocate Miles Heffernan said Christmas parties can be perilous for workers.

“This time of year we hear from many people who have lost their job because of bad behaviour at the annual Christmas party,” he said.

“Additionally, we also hear from others who have been victims of sexual harassment at Christmas parties.

“A work Christmas party is a work event, so all the usual work rules apply, including those that involve harassment and discrimination.”


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