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No Extra Anzac Day Public Holiday For Most Australians This Year

No extra Anzac Day public holiday for most Australians this year

There is no extra Anzac Day public holiday this year for most Australians, with most returning to work today.

However, workers in the ACT and Western Australia do get today off.

No extra Anzac Day public holiday for most

Most states don’t get an extra Anzac Day public holiday because it is always commemorated on the day it falls.

Traditionally, there is a dawn service, march, gunfire breakfast and associated events all held on April 25 every year.

This year, Anzac Day fell on a Saturday, and most state legislation doesn’t allow for an additional public holiday.

Why do ACT and WA get today off?

The Anzac Day Public Holiday is recognised by WA’s Public and Bank Holidays Act.

The original legislation, passed in October 1972, states:

“When New Year’s Day, Anzac Day, or Christmas Day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the next following Monday is also a public holiday and bank holiday.”

The ACT government announced last year that the Monday following Anzac Day in 2020 will be a public holiday.

Workplace Safety Minister Suzanne Orr said:

“Anzac Day is a historically and culturally significant time for many Canberrans and should be marked as a holiday for everyone.”


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Different rules when Anzac Day falls on a Sunday

However, it is a different story if Anzac Day falls on a Sunday, as it will next year.

A Sunday Anzac Day will result in people in Queensland, South Australia and also the Northern Territory getting an extra public holiday the next day, Monday.

This is as a result of legislation in those states which says a public holiday will be observed if Anzac Day falls on a Sunday.

Despite this, workers in New South Wales and Victoria will miss out and still have to attend work.


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