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You have been reporting to a factory job for the past two years. It might not be the greatest job, but you have had no problems, until recently. Your employer is now accusing you of theft. There is no evidence of any theft, but your boss is telling you that the company is going to terminate your employment. This is a perfect situation for professional industrial relations consultants to come in and remedy the situation. At Fair Work Claims, we have years of experience in dealing with industrial disputes. Our experienced advocates specialise in employment law and have a passion for getting results. We offer quality representation designed to produce results, and we do it so that our clients can feel some relief. Workplace disputes can often be very stressful.

When You Need Industrial Relations Consultants in Brisbane

Employers can give their employees warnings, either verbal or written when their behaviour warrants it. There are cases where a written warning may seem unfair to an employee. If this has happened to you, it is time to consider hiring industrial relations consultants such as Fair Work Claims. We can help you in your quest to have the written warning removed from your employment record. It is our goal to assist our clients in making sure their employment records match their performance. If a warning was issued unfairly, we will fight to get it removed and often use employers’ workplace policies to do so.

It is important to fight against any unfair written warning to protect your employment record. A written warning that you let go may come up later in your career as you look to advance inside the company. You are up for a promotion, but after looking at your employment record the company decides to select someone else. Your future can be affected by a warning that should not be part of your permanent employment record.

Why Hire Us as Industrial Relations Consultants in Melbourne

When you receive a verbal or written warning, you are probably unaware that you can fight against it. Just because you get one does not mean that it is fair, and you deserve it. You need someone who can advocate for you against your employer in this situation. Employees are often intimidated by their bosses and their employers. Taking them on in matters such as unfair warnings can be a monumental task. That is where Fair Work Claims can offer our expertise.

We have served as industrial relations consultants in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and the rest of Australia. Our team fights against unfair written warnings and uses employers’ workplace rules against the company to resolve the situation. The optimum result leaves you with a clean employment record.

At Fair Work Claims, we also handle a variety of other work-related cases. In addition to serving as industrial relations consultants in Melbourne, we have taken on numerous unfair dismissal cases, workplace discrimination cases, and many more. Our advocates are experienced and highly knowledgeable. Combine those traits with a passion for getting clients the results they deserve, and you can see why Fair Work Claims is one of the most sought after firms for resolving disputes in the workplace.

If you believe your workplace rights have been infringed upon, contact us on 1300 853 837 or click the Enquire Here button on our website and fill out the form.

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