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When you go to work for any employer, whether in service or heavy industry, you are entering into a contract. On one side, you, the employee, agree to provide your labour to the employer under a set of guiding rules in exchange for fair wages as compensation. On the other, your employer agrees to pay those wages while fostering a safe and productive environment in which you work. Sounds just fine, right?

Unfortunately, it can seem like nothing is stopping your employer from reneging on the deal. When industrial disputes arise over fair compensation or working conditions, there may even be a stoppage of work. Whether you have an individual grievance with your employer, or you are experiencing problems after returning from a strike or lockout, there is a great deal of stress and anxiety involved in trying to make things right.

At Fair Work Claims, we understand industrial disputes in Australia. Not only that, but we believe that power belongs in the hands of those who perform the work — not the employers. When you aren’t receiving what you are owed, or you are experiencing greater problems in the workplace, turn to our experienced team. Our goal is to provide you with easy, affordable access to the justice you deserve. One call and it’s not just “your problem” anymore — it’s ours, too.

You deserve to have your voice heard in industrial disputes

What our team does at Fair Work Claims is all about breaking down the complex and sometimes scary world of taking on your boss in a workplace dispute. Have you been denied leave when you needed to attend a funeral or see to other important business? Perhaps your wages have been unfairly docked. When your boss acts in bad faith, we are ruthless in our pursuit of justice for you. Employee dispute resolution is about showing employers they cannot get away with their poor behaviour.

We will first attempt to negotiate directly on your behalf with your boss to resolve the dispute. If they are not willing to play ball with us, the gloves come off. We are ready to attend hearings, and do everything in our power to secure a positive outcome for you. Instead of navigating this all by yourself, our experienced team will handle it, all while keeping you in the loop and up to date on our progress.

We care about a good outcome — reach out today

Australia’s employment laws exist to protect industrial workers from exploitation and unfair treatment. When your boss is not playing by the rules, you do not need to feel like your only choice is to tolerate it. Fair Work Claims not only has a wealth of experience in workplace dispute resolution but we also actually care about getting results for you! Together, we share in both the risk and reward. Fair Work Claims is not out to rip you off; we guarantee no surprise sticker shock with our fixed fee. If you are ready to put these industrial disputes behind you and obtain the justice you deserve, please call us today on 1300 853 837 or use our contact page to send us an email.

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