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Poor treatment at work can ruin your life, or at very least, make it extremely difficult. Unfair dismissals can leave you unemployed with no warning, struggling to find a job with a new black mark on your record. Unpaid wages can leave you struggling to pay rent and other living expenses. And workplace bullying can lead to immense stress or dangerous depression.

If you have been the victim of a workplace injustice, though, never forget that you have rights. In certain cases, an employer may be at liberty to sack you, but only after issuing warnings, providing reason for dismissal and complying with other Fair Work laws and regulations. Employers are never at liberty to deny wages that you have earned based on their own rules or to ignore bullying or harassing that is creating a damaging or unsafe work environment.

At Fair Work Claims, we are employee rights advocates who are ready and willing to leap into the fray and fight for justice on your behalf. We hate corrupt or brash employers who try to belittle or take advantage of their workers, and if you have been on the receiving end of that type of mistreatment, then we want to speak to you.

Do you want to know more about what employee rights advocates can do for you? If so, we invite you to call Fair Work Claims on 1300 853 837. We will discuss your case, work to understand your situation and determine a smart route forward—all with compassionate service and at an affordable fee.

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