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Dodgy Bosses Rorting JobKeeper Payment To Feel Full Weight Of The Law

Dodgy bosses rorting JobKeeper Payment to feel full weight of the law

Dodgy bosses caught rorting the JobKeeper payment will feel the full weight of the law, according to Scott Morrison.

The threat comes as reports emerge that some employers are planning to skim the payment from their workers.

Dodgy bosses rorting JobKeeper by not passing on the full amount 

More than 850,000 businesses have registered for the JobKeeper scheme, with payments starting next month.

The scheme will see businesses paid $1,500 a fortnight to be passed on to each worker.

However, some employers have already told staff they will not pass on the full payment.

Rebekha Sharkie, Federal Member for the South Australian seat of Mayo, told ABC News about one example.

A woman told her she was offered her job back, but only if she agreed to give her employer a portion of the $1,500 payment.

Sharkie wants the government to set up a hotline where people can report greedy bosses:

“To be a deterrent to any potential employer who somehow thinks they can game the system.

“We already know there’s a power imbalance between employers and employees and I would expect every employer to do the right thing.”


“Can my boss make me perform other duties while I’m on JobKeeper?

Scott Morrison says behaviour ‘appalling’ 

Prime Minister Scott Morrison described the actions as “appalling” when told of the skimming.

“That sort of behaviour where it occurs by employers is disgraceful and it’s illegal,” he said.

“They should be reported to the police and the Australian Tax Office, to make sure that can be followed up — it’s not on.”

Coronavirus con

Industrial advocate Miles Heffernan from Fair Work Claims says some employers are exploiting the coronavirus.

They are using the virus as an excuse to unfairly sack workers, or stand them down illegally.

“We’re calling it the great coronavirus con,” he said.

“We’re seeing bosses stand down their workers when there isn’t a genuine stoppage of work and where they have no right to do so.

“And we’re also seeing workers singled out for dismissal or redundancy because they have previously made a complaint about their working conditions.”

Mr Heffernan urged all workers to check their pay when the JobKeeper payments start next month.


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