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Delivery Riders Claim Unfair Dismissal After Being Sacked Over Wage Protests

Delivery riders claim unfair dismissal after being sacked over wage protests

Two Hungry Panda food delivery riders claim they were unfairly dismissed after being sacked for protesting cuts to their wages.

The workers claim Hungry Panda slashed their wages from $7.50 a delivery to $3.00 a delivery.

Delivery riders claim unfair dismissal

Earlier this month, delivery riders Jun Yang and Xiangqian Li organised a protest after Hungry Panda cut their pay.

That same day, a Hungry Panda manager sent a WhatsApp message to the pair stating it had decided to “negotiate to terminate the cooperative relationship”.

The company then blocked both riders from the app.

This week, the Transport Workers Union filed unfair dismissal claims in the Fair Work Commission on behalf of Yang and Li.

Speaking at a press conference, national secretary Michael Kaine slammed Hungry Panda.

“Hungry Panda has raked in record profits over the last year thanks to the hard work of riders like Jun Yang and Xiangqian Li, who have in turn been treated as a disposable underclass.

“Riders are paid below minimum wage and have no rights like insurance or PPE.

“Hungry Panda controls every aspect of riders’ work from slashed pay to uniform blitzes and instantly sacks workers when they take a stand against pay cuts, callously removing the income of two families with the click of a button.”

Yang and Li both worked full-time for Hungry Panda to support their families.

The protest earlier this month.

Rules need to change

Meanwhile, NSW Opposition spokesperson for the gig economy, Daniel Mookhey, called on governments to do more to regulate the industry.

“Every day that the law doesn’t change is another day that these rider’s rights at work are at risk,” he said.

“We need change, and we need change straight away.”


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