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It happens more than anyone thinks. Workplace bullying is real, and it can lead to a mountain of problems for an employee. Workers who are threatened by superiors often feel as if they have nowhere to go. They need their job, but they cannot take the constant bullying. There are times when employees are even bullied into signing a letter of resignation. This is just not right. At Fair Work Claims, we handle many constructive dismissal cases, those where employees have most often been coerced into signing a letter of resignation. Do not be intimidated into giving up your employment.

Constructive Dismissal in Australia

Employees all over Australia routinely turn in resignation letters when they choose to opt out of an employment contract. Many of these employees do so willingly and without any undue pressure from an employer. In a constructive dismissal case, employees must prove that they did not resign voluntarily. At Fair Work Claims, our team of dedicated and knowledgeable advocates can assist all cases involving constructive dismissal in NSW, QLD, WA and the rest of the country.

Our team has a thorough knowledge of the Fair Work Act, which governs constructive dismissal. Employees that have been effectively instructed to resign or threatened with dismissal fall under the common law concept of constructive dismissal. There are also cases that involve an employee who quits a job because of the conduct of the employer. The employee feels as if there is no alternative but to resign. This is also a case of constructive dismissal.

What You Can You Do to Fight Constructive Dismissal in QLD

In constructive dismissal cases, we fight for our clients using innovative methods designed to get results. In so many of these cases, clients are scared or feel like there is no chance they can win. What they need is quality representation, and that is what Fair Work Claims can provide. We want all of our clients to feel like they have a voice and to feel the relief when their case has been resolved.

We have filed numerous cases involving constructive dismissal in WA and are not afraid of taking a matter to a hearing. Fair Work Claims offers all clients affordable access to justice. Clients pay little up front and the rest when their case is resolved in their favour. No matter what your economic standing, you have access to quality representation in all workplace matters.

At Fair Work Claims, we also handle a variety of other cases including wrongful termination, employee bullying, unpaid wages recovery, and dispute resolution. Employees that have received written warnings from their employer can actually do something to protect themselves. We can help. Our methods are a little different, and we like to fight with a passion until our clients’ cases are resolved.

If you have experienced problems with your employer especially any involving unfair dismissal, call Fair Work Claims on 1300 853 837 and speak to one of our friendly advocates. You can also click the Enquire Here button on our website.

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