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Do you believe you have been the victim of unfair dismissal in the workplace? If so, Fair Work Claims might be able to help. Since 2001, we have been serving Australia as a hub for fair work advice and assistance. In 2014, we reorganised under the parent company of Supportah Group, Australia’s most dependable workplace advocacy organisation. Today, we pride ourselves on providing affordable access to justice for anyone and everyone who has ever been wronged by an employer.

Common Cases of Unfair Work Practices

The first step to pursuing fair work advice is to determine whether or not you might have a case for going after a former employer. At Fair Work Claims, we handle a range of workplace advocacy cases, from unfair dismissal to unpaid or underpaid wages, as well as workplace bullying to denial of rights. We can help you figure out whether or not your case has legs and what we can do to help you.

Of course, there is no concrete list of the types of workplace grievances that can earn your fair work judgment. If you think you might have a case, it cannot possibly hurt for you to get in touch with Fair Work Claims and see how we can help you. With our Fair Work Commission knowledge and our innovative methods, we are often able to put enough pressure on your former employees that they give you what you are owed—be that your unpaid wages, your old job back or a settlement.

If you are curious about the types of cases we often take on, though, here are a few situations that should trigger a call to Fair Work Claims:

  • Your boss has denied you wages or commissions that you are owed, or has refused to pay you minimum wage.
  • You are being taunted, harassed or otherwise bullied at work, and your employer is doing nothing to deal with the issue or provide a safe work environment.
  • You have asked for personal leave, and your boss has denied it, or you are treated adversely for exercising other Australian workplace rights.
  • You are dismissed from your job for reasons you believe are discriminatory or violate Fair Work Commission rules and regulations.
  • You have received a written warning based on your job performance that you believe is unfair.

If you are currently experiencing any of the scenarios above, call Fair Work Claims today. We will provide detailed fair work advice and help you to plan a strong response.

Contact Us for Fair Work Australia Advice Today

Are you ready to take back control of your own professional life? If so, then Fair Work Claims can help! If you are in need of fair work help, please do not hesitate to call us today, on 1300 853 837. No matter your situation, we will do our best to fight hard on your behalf.

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