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Have you been recently dismissed? Don’t take it lying down and fight back with a Fair Work dismissals claim.

At Fair Work Claims we will support and represent National System Employees when your boss has unfairly dismissed you and take your matter as far as we need to with the Fair Work Commission.

Fair Work Claims is a specialist firm in getting people either their jobs back or fair compensation when your boss sacks you unfairly.

If your employer does not follow their own rules we will use their own rules against them to ensure YOU get justice.

If you have been sacked and you believe it is an unfair dismissal you should contact us now as there are strict time frames that apply.

Call us now, even if after hours on 1300 853 837 or use the form below for a quick call back.


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What Is an Unfair Dismissal?

An unfair dismissal is when you, as an employee, are dismissed from your job in a harsh, unjust or unreasonable manner and this is tested by the Fair Work Commission, firstly by conciliation and then by a hearing if it can’t resolve.

Getting good advice on the Fair Work Act does not have to be expensive.

At Fair Work Claims we take the burden of your unfair dismissal from you, giving you the freedom to find a new job while we take over all the paperwork, the to-ing and fro-ing with your ex-boss and we will represent you at the Fair Work Commission conciliation and hearing.

Call us now regarding an Unfair Dismissal on 1300 853 837 or enquire here.


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