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At Fair Work Claims we are private advocacy form passionate about supporting and representing employees and contractors who have claims under the Fair Work Act 2009 (Cth), when your boss or principal is working against your workplace rights and obligations under that Act.

We take the pressure off you, and the weight off your shoulders – after your initial consultation you will feel like your problem is now our solution.

Our highly skilled and efficient advocates know the law inside out and are outcome focused. At Fair Work Claims, we are experts in claims under the Fair Work Act, including:

Fair Work Claims is a high volume practice servicing all National System Employees, employed by private companies, charities or federal government agencies. In certain circumstances the Fair Work Act allows us to help contractors as well.  Our clients are you, the employee, or contractor, not your boss.

When it comes to fees we are committed to and passionate about cost effective access to justice – you get the win, not the representatives. We are a shared risk/shared responsibility practice. Our fees are structured to make sure even those who are low-income earners are not missed. Contact us on 1300 853 837 or enquire here about how our fees are made to suit you.

If we cannot resolve the matter with your boss we will run the matter through all the way to trial AND cover all those costs whilst taking steps to preserve your position and to get costs awarded to the other side when they behave unreasonably.

Fair Work Claims is an Australian business part of the Supportah Group of independent workplace litigation, mediation, and advocacy consultancies and lawyers.

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